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Map of all places listed in the Bible

Map of every place, site, city, town and village listed in the Bible on a fully interactive map. Read more

Animation of the spread of Christianity in the book of Acts

An animated map of the spread of Christianity in and around the land of Israel about 2000 years ago as described in the New Testament's Book of Acts in the Christian Bible. Read more

Interesting facts about Jesus

Of all the religious figures throughout history, and throughout the world, Jesus is unique in that prophets foretold details of his birth, life, mission, death and resurrection. He also gave prophecies of his own about the future of the world, the people of Israel, as well as his own death and resurrection. Read more

Prophecies fulfilled by the birth of Jesus

The Old Testament of the Bible, which was written before the time of Jesus, contains prophecies about a Messiah, someone who would suffer and die for the sins of others and yet reign forever as king. Those prophecies include the location and timing of the birth, as well as his genealogy. Read more

Prophecies fulfilled during the life of Jesus

The Old Testament of the Bible contains prophecies that foretold important details and events involving the life, ministry, rejection and crucifixion of the Messiah. This article reviews some of those prophecies and how they were fulfiiled by Jesus. Read more

Prophecies fulfilled by the death of Jesus

The Bible contain many prophecies that foretold key details involving the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and that people around the world would hear about him. Read more

Prophecies fulfilled by the resurrection of Jesus

Some of the prophets of the Old Testament, including Job and King David, foreshadowed details involving the resurrection of Jesus. Read more

Prophecies fulfilled after the death and resurrection of Jesus

The Old Testament of the Bible contains prophecies that God's message of salvation would spread to people throughout the world and that the Messiah would have a worldwide impact. These prophecies began to find fulfillment after the death and resurrection of Jesus about 2000 years ago. Read more

Prophecies to be fulfilled by the return of Jesus

These Bible prophecies are related to the return of Jesus, when he is to judge the living and the dead. Read more

Prophecies given by Jesus Christ

Jesus gave several prophecies about himself, the people of Israel and the world. He prophesied his own death and resurrection, and that he will return in the future to judge the living and the dead. He also foretold the destruction of Israel and the exile and scattering of the Jewish people. Read more

10 cool things you might not have known about Bible prophecy

Some scholars estimate that there are nearly 2,000 distinct prophecies in the Bible, involving the fate of ancient Israel, the nations surrounding it, the Messiah, and ultimately the fate of the world. Read more

Paul the Evangelist traveled 10,000 miles to preach Christianity

Paul persecuted Christians until he met the resurrected Jesus. He then traveled thousands of miles to evangelize Christianity. This article includes interactive maps of Paul's four evangelical journeys. Read more

What is the Bible?

An overview and quick explanation of the structure and contents of the Bible. Read more

What is Bible prophecy?

There are hundreds of prophecies within the Bible. At least one scholar, J. Barton Payne, has proposed a specific number in the counting of Bible prophecies. In Payne's "Encyclopedia of Biblical Prophecy," he lists a total of 1,817 Biblical prophecies. That book also proposes that about one-fourth of the Bible's verses contain prophetic content. Read more

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